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this is google translation of the Russian version of the page.

Any technical issues should be resolved before the games themselves. Other players should not suffer from your problems. Check the performance of the game, vehicle, steam, server connection, etc. in advance. Most of the problems are solved initially by correctly installing, configuring, launching the game and related programs.

For the launcher and other programs to work correctly, you may need .NET Framework newer than version 4 and Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 x86 and x64 (both versions) , as well as the latest versions of DirectX (Steam / Windows 10 must install themselves).

Problem Image Decision
Problems registering on the forum
Specified the wrong mail during registration - Contact the administration in any way (game or technical admins), immediately write the current nickname and which mail you need to change.
Steam login / link issue - Change browser and pre-authorize / login to / from Steam profile. Disable ADBlock, etc. extensions. Be sure to open your Steam profile and access your game info.
Launcher problems
No ArmaProject repository listed in Download From - Download the required version of the launcher again
In the process \ after the update, the launcher does not respond to pressing. - Most likely, behind / near the launcher, a window appeared with the removal of unnecessary files (it blocks the main window). You need to either find it and click "Delete files", or restart the launcher and update the mods again, monitoring the removal process.
The launcher does not start with an error: * error text * * error picture * Install .NET Framework newer version 4
Problems launching the game
Error: "Memory could not be Read / Written" * error picture * Run the launcher, Steam and the game as administrator.
Error related to files "utes" and "aavp" * error picture * Move 2 folders (addons and dta) from the original ArmA 2 to ArmA2OA (after that A2 can be deleted).
At startup and alt + tabe error "Entry point not found" Ош1.png The problem is directx. Delete dxgi.dll from the game folder.
When started after a few seconds, the process terminates without any error - Rename the d3d9.dll file to dxgi.fx and check the cache. If it didn't work, go to the System32 folder and copy the d3d9.dll file to the root folder of the arma.
Problems connecting to the game server
Doesn't search the server by filter or gives an error: "Session lost" Session.png Start / restart Steam along with the game. Or incorrect conditions are set in the search filter: an inaccurate name, a restriction on the game mode, etc.
Doesn't let you on the server or throws it out with the message: "You're not in white list" * picture with error *
Matching nicknames on the forum, in TS and the game
Problem with registration on the site or with a nickname: check your nickname and clantag (maybe you were expelled or accepted into the squad), or when registering something This is not the case with SteamID / GUID (check with your administrator). The callsign must be the same on the forum, in TeamSpeak and in the game.
Errors with files related to PMC, BAF, ACR * error picture * The problem is related to DLC and most likely they are not installed correctly. Check the "Add-ons" menu in the game, and also try running these add-ons through Steam (if purchased). ACR is not applied, it must be disabled, or better removed.
Errors with files related to "vanilla" game - Check the integrity of the cache in the game properties in the Steam library.
Errors with files where there is: ACE, AP, rhs, pzn, tsg, tu, us, tush, tusg, etc. * error picture * The problem is with the assembly, not the game. You need to check the addons first: go to Launcher - Addon manager - Arma Project (Kaskad) repository - Check - Download.
Errors with files not related to the game and server assembly Ош3.png It is necessary to disable the extra addon when starting the game in the launcher / add-ons / shortcut. Check for build update. (The wrong radio addon is connected in the picture)
TeamSpeak issues
Prevents navigation through TeamSpeak channels, broken AK icon - The TeamSpeak profile is not linked to the forum profile. Register on the forum and fill in TS ID in your personal section.
Does not connect to the ArmaProject server with similar errors: Trying to resolve hostname; Failed to resolve hostname '' - Make sure the Internet is working, restart TeamSpeak. If it does not help, then we expect problems on the server side or somewhere in between.
The game gives an error: The radio plug-in does not respond Check the settings in TeamSpeak Ош2.png The game did not detect the connection to the TS plugin. Install Microsoft Visual Studio C ++ 2010 BOTH versions x86 and x64. Make sure that the radio plugin is installed in "Settings" - "Addons", try clicking "Update All" there or restarting TeamSpeak. Double-check that everything is installed and starting correctly.
Does not transfer to the "AP_Radio" channel - Check if the plugin is enabled, or click the "Reload all" / "Load all" button in the plugins menu: Settings - Addons.
All players can be heard in the game at the same time - Most likely the TFR plugin from ARMA 3 is enabled. You need to disable it and enable the special for ARMA 2.
In the game, no one hears you with a voice (including during the deployment / briefing) - Run TeamSpeak as administrator.
Game problems
When Self interaction menu is pressed, there is no menu for glasses, earplugs, gas mask, and alternative grenade throw does not work Erroruserconfig.png Error when starting the game if the config was not created at all The userconfig folder from @ AP_ace2 to the game folder has not been copied and configured, then change in the ace_clientside_config.hpp file: "#define ACE_IDENTITY YourProfileNameVigre".

Or in the launcher, on the "ACE Settings" tab, fill in the profile name and save the config.

Game freezes when loading on freeztime - Install the recommended TeamSpeak version. The TeamSpeak may have a SoundBoard installed and connected - it needs to be disconnected.
Can't see distant targets other players can see - Check the current visibility range in the "ACE Settings" or using the Ctrl+F1 / Ctrl+F2 buttons. Check if objects are visible when zoomed in (right mouse button or Num +). Set graphics settings: the quality of textures and objects to the maximum
Can't rename game profile - The first profile cannot be renamed. You need to create a new one (all settings will be reset).
Some of the marks on the map are not visible - In the tag settings (gear when double-clicking on the map), click "Resynchronization".
Game sound disappears (and only appears after restart) - ARMA 2 remembers the current audio device when starting the game and does not switch to a new one when it is turned off. The solution is to suffer, i.e. do not change the device during the game and check the contact-connection if it happens randomly.
No sounds (for example, shots) heard by other players - Most likely in the sound settings (in the game) "Number of samples" is not at the maximum.